Jayne Reegar

Jayne Reegar’s Mission Log

Captains Log, star-date 1234!

I was hired by some cloaked weirdo over the holonet, Explaining he was a sith master and all. I heard of the sith, and if I heard of them, that means that they are rich, so I took the job before he even explained it to me. Apparently it was a simple task of retrieving cargo from a malfunctioning cruiser. This is good news to me, money, and a new cruiser, all for a simple and trivial job such as this? This is too good to be true. After a good lunch and a death stick, I headed out to the space dock to meet up with my new “companions”

As I arrived, the first thing I noticed was the piece of junk ship sitting there, prepping up for its liftoff. I mean, good LORD! I will be surprised if this p.o.s. gets us there in one piece!

Well, I met the crew, A fellow Mandalorian who is a nut job to say the least. how he survived this long is beyond me, but all he seemed to do was flex and brag about how he took down a planet just by flexing. then asked if I knew some person named “Egak” Talking to him made my brain hurt, and I feel like I lost valuable brain cells listening to this fool.

I also met two other sith on board, A female named Nyx, who is quiet and keeps to herself, and a guy named Hannik. Hannik seems to know what he was doing, glad we have someone like that around here.

It was a short ride to the stranded ship. We landed, fought some droids, everything was going to plan, until it happened. Kage kept stealing my kills and bragging about it. I was not to be outdone by someone like that from our race. so I shot him, to raise my chances of killing more. he then retaliated by shooting me back. That ass. At least he got what was coming to him, a punch in the face from Hannik, and slammed into a wall from Nyx. after a heated debate he finally simmered down, and we carried on our business.

multiple times I had to shoot out speakers on this ship, due to the infernal racket that was spewing out of some fools mouth. perhaps I should cut out his tongue…

After a few more skirmishes, and new prisoners, we found our cargo. I liberated some of the things from a box, and then liberated multiple organs and limbs from an unconscious solder, and packaged them neatly into the crates, then we proceeded to load them onto the ship as the two sith scouted ahead for the noise. after the heavy lifting was done, I had a death stick as we proceeded to meet up with the sith.

After some talk over a comm system, the doors opened up and they nearly massacred kage. serves him right for standing there. the fool. after we cleared out the room, a jedi fled the scene, and we took off after him, while his apprentice stayed behind and was counseled by hannik.

Jayne Reegar

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