The Siths of Our Lives

Korriban Academy Merchants

The following items are currently available at Korriban Academy (and in the surrounding area’s shops) for purchase:


Energy Shield (5 uses, each use provides 20 temporary hit points): 650 credits

Healing Items:

Basic Medkit (heals 10 HP + user’s skill in Treat Injury): 100 credits
Advanced Medkit (heals 20 HP + user’s skill in Treat Injury): 200 credits
Life Support Kit (heals 30 HP + user’s skill in Treat Injury): 400 credits
Basic Repair Kit (heals 10 HP + user’s skill in Repair): 100 credits
Advanced Repair Kit (heals 20 HP + user’s skill in Repair): 200 credits
Construction Kit (heals 30 HP + user’s skill in Repair): 400 credits

+1 Weapons:

Advanced Blaster Carbine: 360 credits
Advanced Heavy Blaster Pistol: 360 credits
Advanced Sniper Rifle: 360 credits
Advanced Shotgun: 360 credits
Advanced Chainblade: 360 credits
Advanced Vibroblade: 360 credits
Advanced Vibroaxe: 360 credits
Advanced SMG: 520 credits
Advanced Minigun: 680 credits
Prototype Lightsaber: 360 credits
Prototype Double-bladed Lightsaber: 360 credits

+1 Armors:

Prototype Sith Robes: 360 credits
Prototype Sith Light Armor: 360 credits
Advanced Light Armor: 360 credits
Advanced Medium Armor: 360 credits
Advanced Heavy Armor: 360 credits
Advanced Droid Light Armor: 360 credits

Gun Attachments:

Under-barrel Flamethrower Attachment (provides close blast 3 attack for 2d6 damage and ongoing 5 fire, requires special ammo): 1000 credits
ACOG Scope (increases increases short and long range by 5 squares): 360 credits
Precision Chamber (+ 1d12 on criticals): 520 credits
Ion Charger (+ 4 damage vs droids): 1000 credits
Amplifying Chamber (+ 1 to weapon’s damage): 1000 credits

Armor Upgrades:

Reinforced Plating (can only be applied to medium or heavy armors, resist 2 All): 1000 credits
Sith Synthweave (can only be applied to Sith armors, +2 damage vs. bloodied targets): 680 credits

Special Ammo:

Flamethrower Fuel: 250 credits per 5 blasts
Shredder Rounds (+ 4 damage vs organics): 1000 credits per 20 shots
EMP Rounds (+ 4 damage vs droids): 1000 credits per 20 shots
FMJ Rounds (pierces through walls up to 5 feet thick): 1000 credits per 20 shots


Adrenal Strength (+ 1 to STR skills, STR-based attacks until the end of the encounter): 500 credits
Adrenal Alacrity (+ 1 to DEX skills, DEX-based attacks until the end of the encounter): 500 credits
Adrenal Stamina (+ 25 temp hit points): 300 credits
Battle Stimulant (+ 1 to attack rolls, damage rolls, and all defenses until the end of the encounter): 750 credits


Frag Grenades (burst 2, 1d6 + DEX damage): 50 credits
Flash Grenades (burst 2, 1d6 + DEX damage and blind save ends): 100 credits
Stun Grenades (burst 2, 1d6 + DEX damage and immobilize and -2 to attack rolls, save ends both): 100 credits
Seismic Grenades (burst 2, 1d6 + DEX damage and target is pushed 3 squares and knocked prone): 100 credits
Plasma Grenades (burst 3, 2d6 + DEX damage and ongoing 10 fire save ends): 250 credits

Lightsaber Upgrades:

Dragite Lens (+ 1 to lightsaber damage): 1000 credits
Pure Byrothsis Lens ( – 1 all defenses, +1d4 damage): 1000 credits
Deflection Emitter ( + 1 to defenses against blaster attacks): 520 credits
Discharge Energy Cell ( + 1d12 damage on critical): 520 credits

By the way, you currently each have 2200 credits. Also keep in mind that in order to use a weapon or armor upgrade, you must currently have a free upgrade slot on that weapon or armor.

In Which a New Adversary Is Revealed

Hannik, Kage, and Nyx were joined by a new companion, a Mandalorian named Jayne Reegar. The mysterious bounty hunter had been hired by Darth Dremenis to help on their latest mission. A fellow Sith Lord had passed on to Dremenis a distress message from a nearby Republic ship. The message explained that a conduit had blown out, badly injuring those on board and disabling engines and long-range communications. Dremenis also had intelligence that indicated that this ship was carrying valuable advanced weapons and armor, which he wanted the team to recover.

The party set out in Hannik’s ship, soon reaching the nearby Republic vessel. They docked in the landing bay and were immediately attacked by droids. As the battle went on Jayne badly damaged many droids, but Kage kept managing to get in the killing blow. The two Mandalorians kept taunting each other until finally Jayne shot Kage in the foot. Kage retaliated by firing on Jayne. The party managed to clean up the rest of the droids. As the battle ended, Hannik walked up to Kage and bitch-slapped him, calling him a fool. Kage was about to attack back when Nyx slammed him into the wall, yelling at both Mandalorians to stop bickering.

The argument was interrupted by a smug voice that suddenly echoed from the loudspeaker. Before it could get out more than a few words, Jayne shot out the loudspeaker. Kage then mooned the camera and shot it out too.

The party proceeded into the next area of the ship, a dining hall. The voice came from the loudspeaker again, addressing each of them by name before being shot out again.

From within a nearby room, the party heard several soldiers chatting. The party began to quietly plan how to deal with them. Suddenly Kage exclaimed “I know, let’s both throw grenades in there!” Unfortunately the soldiers heard this plan and the battle commenced. Kage and Jayne threw their grenades, doing decent damage to the 6 soldiers and commander who were inside. After a couple rounds of battle, Hannik got an idea and hacked into the door controls to slam them shut. He then fried the system with Force Lightning, ensuring that the doors would not reopen.

Leaving their captive prisoners behind, the group proceeded to the cargo bay, which was also guarded by several soldiers. Although they failed at sneaking up and gaining the element of surprise, the party nonetheless quickly dispatched the Republic soldiers. They searched through the cargo crates and discovered advanced items they could use. Jayne looted an advanced chainblade, Kage an advanced blaster carbine, Nyx some superior leather armor, and Hannik some advanced Force User robes.

Jayne and Kage started dismembering one of the dead soldiers, sticking various body parts into the cargo crates. Meanwhile Hannik and Nyx decided to check out the next room. They found a security room that was oddly empty, the stations all locked down. As they passed through and approached a set of sealed doors, a voice came over the loudspeakers again.

“Ah, I’m so glad you’ve finally found me. I’ve been dying to introduce myself. I am Jedi Master Alaric Atam, and I am the leader of a task force that has been formed specifically to deal with your actions. Many lives were lost as a result of the ship you rigged to explode. Today, you will pay for those lives with your own.”

Hannik and Nyx returned to the cargo bay to get Kage and Jayne, and then brought them to the door. “Why don’t you go ahead and let us in, then?” suggested Hannik. “Very well,” replied Alaric, and the doors opened.

In a flash, Alaric reached out with the Force, pulling Kage into the room and adjacent to him. He then slashed at the Mandalorian with his lightsabers, forcing Kage to leave an opening that Alaric’s apprentice, Nareka, quickly exploited. The combined attacks left Kage badly injured, and he spent a moment to apply a first aid kit, bringing him back to fighting condition. Four Republic soldiers in the back fired on Kage and Jayne, scoring a few hits.

“I’ll take out the soldiers!” yelled Jayne. “You guys deal with the Jedi.” He opened fire on the soldiers. Meanwhile, Hannik entered the room and he, Nyx, and Kage began attacking the apprentice. As Nareka was badly wounded by one of Hannik’s attacks, she let out a Force Scream, stunning nearly everyone in the room. Hannik recognized this as a Dark Side technique and saw an opportunity to convert the apprentice to the Dark Side. However, his words were not very persuasive. Kage tried to help but was cut down by Alaric, who urged his apprentice to ignore the words of the Sith.

Nyx stepped in to heal Kage, who continued to try to persuade Nareka to side with the party. He told her that the party had been told that this was not a Republic ship, and that they hadn’t realized that they were killing Republic soldiers. Nareka was conflicted, and stepped back from the fight for a moment.

Jayne had finished killing the soldiers and now focused his attention on Alaric, quickly bloodying the master. Seeing that he was fighting a losing battle, Alaric shoved everyone back with the Force and then ran for it. Kage and Hannik stayed to further convince Nareka while the rest of the party chased after Alaric.

“See!” said Kage. “Your master is a traitor.” “I knew it was wrong for him to be associating with that…that Sith!” exclaimed Nareka angrily. “He was the one that planted the distress signal so you’d come here.” Kage asked her the name of Alaric’s Sith ally. “Darth…Malictus I think it was,” she told him. Hannik recognized this as the name of the Sith warrior they had fought on Vance’s planet, and whom Kage had shot the hands off of.

Meanwhile, Alaric had reached his ship and taken off, likely intending to flee to his Sith ally on Korriban. The party chased after him…

In Which They Get Ready To Rumble

Kage and Hannik woke up in holding cells, their gear having been stripped from them. About a minute later, a man clad in a wide brimmed hat and brown leather duster entered. He introduced himself as Vance, the ruler of this planet (which he’d also named Vance). Vance ran a salvage operation, luring ships to the supposedly uninhabited planet where they would crash. He then had the ships stripped for parts and sold any surviving crew as slaves. The planet was also unique in that it strongly suppressed the use of Force powers, leaving all but the most powerful Sith and Jedi helpless.

Vance explained that due to their murder of the Twi’lek family, the pair were now considered criminals on the planet. Vance explained that while he didn’t personally care much about them killing the family, the laborers were in an uproar and he needed to appease them so they’d get back to work.

The punishment for their crime was that they would be entered in a local competition, where they would face off against various beasts and other prisoners. If they survived all four rounds, they would be released and allowed to leave the planet. Their gear would be returned to them before the fighting began. In addition, Vance would grant them each one boon to help them.

Hannik, concerned regarding his ability to aim with his injured eye, requested it be healed. Kage shrewdly requested several of the darts that had been used to incapacitate him and Hannik.

The first round began. Kage and Hannik were released into the arena, along with two frightened looking peasants and a flock of shyracks. Hannik decided to go kill the peasants, while Kage easily took down the shyracks. The next round, a female peasant was released, as well as two men that Hannik recognized as dressed in Imperial uniform. As the round began, the female peasant slipped out of sight before Kage or Hannik could try to kill them. Hannik spoke with the Imperials and discovered they were survivors from the missing Imperial vessels, a trooper and a Sith warrior named Darth Malictus. Malictus and Hannik made a deal to work together in the arena. However, after the third round Kage began insulting Malictus. The arrogant Sith, infuriated at being insulted by someone he viewed as his lesser, attacked Kage and knocked him unconscious. Hannik stood by, not wanting to get involved. Malictus sliced off Kage’s right hand with his lightsaber and left Kage to be revived by Hannik.

In the next round, Kage had a plan. While Hannik and Malictus enganged the rancor, Kage carefully lined up a shot. He hit the unsuspecting Malictus cleanly, nearly taking him down. Malictus’s trooper cohort quickly applied a medkit to the warrior, who disengaged from the rancor and came after Kage. Hannik was unable to deal with the gigantic beast on his own and was quickly knocked unconscious. The rancor came after Malictus, forcing the warrior to deal with the rancor while Kage continued to shoot at him.

As Hannik lay on the verge of death, the peasant who had been hiding approached him. She seemed conflicted, but eventually made up her mind and used the Force to heal his wounds. The Jedi quickly slipped away again before anyone could see her.

Darth Malictus finished off the rancor and closed to melee with Kage. Although the Mandalorian fought fiercely and nearly killed the Sith, he was unable to defeat Malictus and was knocked unconscious. Hannik got up and ran over to where they were fighting just as the warrior raised his saber to strike the killing blow.

Hannik saw the opening in Malictus’s defenses and struck, knocking the warrior unconscious with a perfect hit. With his boss unconscious, the trooper surrendered, stammering apologies and pleading for his life. Hannik revived Kage, who shot off both of the Sith warrior’s hands and claimed his lightsaber for himself.

Vance came down into the arena to congratulate Kage and Hannik. Although Hannik’s ship had already been stripped for parts, Vance agreed to provide another ship for them to leave on. He also told them that Nyx was with him and agreed to let her leave with them.

The three took off for Korriban, to receive their rewards and get Kage fitted for a replacement hand.

In Which The Party Splits A Bit

Back on Korriban, Hannik reported what he’d learned to Darth Dremenis and had the young Twi’lek taken into custody. Since Nyx was still missing, Dremenis asked Hannik and Kage to return to the planet and try to find her. However, Hannik ditched Kage and flew off by himself, on account of the fact that “he is just…so…STUPID.”

Kage started on his typical hooker killing spree, which didn’t sit to well with the local authorities. Sixteen soldiers cornered Kage in an alleyway, and although he managed to take down several he was eventually captured.

Kage woke up in a holding cell, where he was confronted by the furious Darth Dremenis. The Sith Lord explained that the only reason Kage wasn’t executed was because Nyx had taken him as her bodyguard. He then sent Kage off in a one way shuttle to the desert planet to meet up with Hannik.

Hannik had some trouble landing, but eventually landed in a canyon, where he could see a small village in the distance. He also noticed Kage’s shuttle crash land nearby. As the two met up and made plans, a swoop bike started approaching from the direction of the village. Looking through the scope of his sniper rifle, Kage saw that a male Twi’lek and his wife and son were riding on the swoop bike, with no obvious weapons.

When the family got close enough, Hannik unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning, causing the Twi’lek to lose control of his swoop and crash into the wreckage of Kage’s shuttle. Hannik dragged the father to his feet, intending to talk to him. However, the terrified Twi’lek pulled out a hidden knife and slashed at Hannik.

Enraged, Hannik slammed the father into the side of the shuttle. The injured Twi’lek could only watch as Hannik ignited his lightsaber and sliced apart the wife and son. With the last of his strength, the father pulled out a concealed grenade and detonated it right on top of all of them.

The explosion killed the father instantly, and severely injured Kage and Hannik. Kage tried to treat Hannik’s injuries, but managed to jab him in the eye with a needle, partially blinding him.

The two retreated to the ship, planning to use its weapons to bomb the nearby village. But before Hannik could start up the ship, a dart came seemingly out of nowhere and lodged itself in his neck. Hannik didn’t even have time to draw a weapon before the powerful toxin knocked him unconscious. A second one hit Kage, but the hardy Mandalorian managed to remain standing. He made his best guess as to where the cloaked attackers where and let loose with a barrage of blaster fire, but didn’t manage to hit any of them. A second dart hit him and he went down.

In Which Hannik Goes Off The Deep End

After collecting their bounty reward, Kage and Nyx returned to their stolen ship and discovered that Imperial intelligence had turned up information on where Hannik might have gone. They followed his trail to a small unknown planet that contained an ancient Sith temple. Here they found Hannik, who was apparently Force Sensitive and had been completely corrupted by the Dark Side energies in the temple. Suspecting this was why her master had ordered her to keep an eye on Hannik, Nyx offered to escort Hannik back to Korriban.

On Korriban, Hannik and Kage were provided with luxurious lodgings (well, Hannik’s were at least), while Nyx left them to meet with her master.

A few days later, Hannik and Kage received requests to meet with Nyx’s master, Darth Dremenis. He explained that Nyx had been sent to investigate the disappearance of two Imperial vessels near an uninhabited planet. She had not reported back in twelve hours, and Dremenis suspected whatever had happened to the Imperial ships had happened to her as well. He requested Kage and Hannik go and learn what had happened to her.

They took Hannik’s ship to the supposedly lifeless desert planet. As soon as they entered the atmosphere, the ship began to malfunction and sink. Despite his best efforts, Hannik was unable to regain control of the ship, and they crash landed on the planet’s surface.

After assessing the damage to the ship, Hannik determined they would need several parts to repair it and get it flying again. Fortunately, in the distance, several other crashed ships could be seen. As they approached the ships to scavenge them for parts, a bullet whizzed past Kage’s head. Hannik and Kage ducked behind the wreckage and tried to determine where the sniper was.

As Kage was calculating the sniper’s position, Hannik noticed his ship starting up. He started dashing toward it, using the Force to propel himself forward faster. The sniper continued to shoot at him now that he had to cover, grazing him with several bullets. Kage continued to watch and eventually determined where the sniper was stationed. He got in range and took the sniper out, leaving Hannik free to bolt into his already departing ship.

Suspecting there might be more than one sniper, Kage ducked inside one of the wrecked ships, planting mines around the entrance.

Hannik leaped into his ship just as it was starting to take off. A young Twi’lek girl at the controls whirled around in surprise. Hannik threw her away from the controls and discovered that whatever had caused his ship to crash was no longer effecting it for some reason. He pinned the young girl against the wall and demanded she explain was going on. The terrified girl stammered that someone named Vance had sent her to sneak onto the ship, enter the codes that would prevent the ship from being effected by the planet’s gravitational device, and bring the ship to his palace.

Meanwhile, Kage’s patience paid off as he heard his mines go off and a scream of pain. Kage quickly finished the sniper off, and claimed the man’s sniper rifle for himself. He returned to Hannik at the ship. Hannik decided it was time to return to Korriban to report back, and decided to bring the dismayed young Twi’lek with them.

In Which Shit Gets Blown Up

While pouring through Imperial intelligence reports to try to determine where Hannik had gone, Nyx came across an interesting bounty posting. The spirit of a Sith Lord was supposedly inhabiting a droid body, and had gained control of a ship with weapons powerful enough to destroy a planet. A large reward was offered for killing him and destroying his ship.

The ship was reported to be currently near Geonosis, so Kage and Nyx headed there. They investigated and learned how best to board the ship without being noticed, and gained command of a battalion of Sith troopers.

They managed to successfully board the ship, right as it used its weapons to destroy Geonosis. Nyx, Kage, and the troopers fought through an army of combat droids and eventually reached the former Sith Lord. After a fierce battle, Kage finished off the droid with grenade, destroying it. Nyx claimed the Sith Lord’s unique lightsaber for herself, while Kage acquired a powerful shotgun.

The troopers they’d left to guard the shuttle had been slaughtered by droids, but Nyx and Kage fought their way to the shuttle and escaped as the ship blew up.

In Which Nyx Gets Bitches

Hannik docked his ship far away from the main academy on Korriban so that they could approach stealthily. As they exited the ship, the party was ambushed by a large group of Wraids. One lunged at Hannik, quickly taking him down. Nyx leaped on top of the ship to assault the creatures with Force Lightning, while Kage backed into the ship to form a choke point. Between the two of them, they were able to kill all the creatures. Kage then revived Hannik with a medkit.

Hannik and Nyx left Kage to his own devices while the two of them snuck into the Sith Academy. Hannik disabled the security systems, allowing her to enter unnoticed. Hannik returned to the ship while Nyx met with her Sith master Darth Dremenis, explaining the she was not a traitor and had been set up. Her master believed her, and ordered her to keep watch on Hannik and Kage.

Nyx returned to Hannik’s ship. Having been delayed by a day already, Hannik immediately set off to deliver his cargo. When they landed, Nyx decided to go with Hannik, and Kage was once again left to his own devices.

Unfortunately, Kage’s devices involve following people into bathrooms and murdering them. This got him a bit of attention from the local law enforcement, who captured him and locked him up. But only an hour later, members of a local gang bizarrely named the Pink Pistols staged a breakout for some of their imprisoned members. In the process they captured Kage and brought him with them.

Nyx and Hannik returned from his meeting and discovered what had happened to Kage. Hannik wanted to leave Kage behind, citing him as more trouble than he was worth, but Nyx wanted to rescue him. Hannik returned to his ship and left the planet, while Nyx tracked down the gang that had taken Kage.

Once she located the Pink Pistols, Nyx intentionally got herself captured. Put in a cell next to Kage, the two came up with a plan. One at a time, Nyx seduced the guards into entering her cell. She and Kage would then kill them, and Kage would eat the bodies to remove most of the evidence.

The surviving gang members eventually noticed the smell and pile of bones in Kage’s cell, and brought the two of them before their Hutt leader. Nyx moved in close to the Hutt and then pulled out her concealed lightsabers sliced the Hutt in two. She then used the Force to try to persuade the remaining gang members that they should now work for her. About half agreed, and the other half were easily slaughtered by her and Kage.

Nyx renamed the gang “Nyx’s Bitches”, a name somehow less degrading than the gang’s previous name. She and Kage then returned to the starport, hijacked a ship, and forced the pilot to fly them off planet.

In Which Everyone Is Acquainted And Somehow None Of Them Kill Each Other

Our story began with each of our three “heroes” in a cantina on Taris, each there for their own reasons. The smuggler Hannik had cargo that needed to be moved off world, but was in need of reliable help. The Mandalorian Kage was seeking work, after being ejected from the military due to his psychotic nature. And the Sith apprentice Nyx was undercover and meeting with a Republic spy.

Kage approached the bartender to see if he knew anyone who was hiring, and was directed to Hannik. The smuggler had Kage go kill one of the patrons of the catina as a test of his abilities. Kage snapped the man’s neck and left a drink in his hand.

Meanwhile, Nyx convinced the spy to give her the datapad with the information she needed. Having acquired what she needed, the Sith ran him through with her lightsaber. She was just about to leave the cantina when a group of Republic soldiers entered.

Hannik saw the soldiers and, thinking they were there to arrest him, ordered Kage to do something about them. Kage set the cantina on fire. In the chaos and confusion, Kage, Hannik, and Nyx all managed to escape into the maintenance tunnels.

Hannik and Kage ended up getting separated, and Kage eventually ran into Nyx. Not knowing her way out of the tunnels, Nyx decided to go with the Mandalorian.

Nyx and Kage eventually found Hannik trapped in a stuck elevator (which Kage tried to fix by ripping off the control panel), and the three of them found their way to where Hannik had parked his swoop bike. He showed Nyx how to use his, and he and Kage stole another bike so they could ride back to Hannik’s ship.

However, as soon as they entered traffic, Nyx peeled off from them and went off on her own, stealing Hannik’s bike. She returned to her lodgings and made an unfortunate discovery. The spymaster who the man she’d killed had worked for was aware she was a Sith. He had managed to forge information that made it look like she was a traitor to the Empire.

With her accounts frozen and no other way to get off the planet, Nyx hurried to where Hannik’s ship was docked, barely making it on board before the ship took off. She found Hannik in the cockpit and revealed herself to be Sith, threatening Hannik with death if he did not take her to Korriban.

Hannik agreed to take her to Korriban, preventing a fight between her and Kage, who had shown up in the cockpit. Annoyed with Kage’s antics, Nyx Force Persuaded him to take some sedatives by claiming they were candy.


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