Kage Myoushu

Level 3 Human Male Mandalorian Soldier


Name: Kage
Class: Soldier
Level: 3
Played by: Tim
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

STR: 13 +1
CON: 14 +2
DEX: 20 +5
INT: 10 +0
WIS: 10 +0
CHA: 10 +0

Hit Points: 52
AC: 19
Fortitude: 14
Reflex: 17
Will: 11
Speed: 5 squares

Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor
Weapon Proficiencies: Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons

Feats: Heavy Armor Proficiency, Sniper Expertise (+2 to hit with Sniper Rifle while prone)

Class Features:

Mandalorian Training: You gain Quick Draw as a bonus feat. In addition, you can stow a weapon as a free action and gain a +4 bonus to AC against opportunity attacks you provoke by making a ranged attack.
Prime Shot: If none of your allies are nearer to your target than you are, you receive a +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls against that target.
Autofire: While wielding a blaster carbine you can choose to make an extra ranged attack that deals 1[W] damage as part of the attack action, but if you do all attacks made as part of that attack action suffer a -2 penalty to the attack roll.

At-Will Powers: Twin Shot, Aimed Shot
Encounter Powers: Second Wind, Heroic Effort, Bodyguard, Close Quarters Tactics, Suppressing Shot
Daily Powers: Barrage of Bullets

Equipment: Mandalorian Heavy Armor, Cybernetic Right Hand, Blaster Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade x 3, Inferno Grenade x 1, Medkit x 5, Lightsabers x 5 (2 red, 1 purple, 1 green, 1 blue)


Athletics (STR): -1
Endurance (CON): 0
Acrobatics (DEX): 9
Stealth (DEX): 3
Pilot (DEX): 9
Sleight of Hand (DEX): 5
Demolitions (DEX): 9
Computer Use (INT): 0
Knowledge (INT): 0
Repair (INT): 0
Awareness (WIS): 4
Insight (WIS): 0
Force Use (WIS)*: 0
Treat Injury (WIS): 6
Bluff (CHA): 5
Diplomacy (CHA): 0
Intimidate (CHA): 4
Gather Information (CHA): 0

*Requires Force Sensitivity

Starting skill points: 16, 4 gained per level


Kage originally got his start in the military. After an observation of his tactics and mental stability (which came back negative), Kage was soon released under the pretense of “Do what you want, just don’t do it here!”

These are extracts from his military record:
Kage Myoushu has been released from duty for the following reasons:

  • Trying to mimic robots to fool them, with no success.
  • Attempting to ride soldiers around the battlefield like horses
  • Lobbing random grenades
  • Firing at objects indiscriminately (friend, foe, or inanimate)
  • Surrendering to the enemy just to find a way to blow up the prison
  • Impersonating officers that are right next to him
  • Impersonating lower ranking officers and giving orders to higher ranking officers
  • Impersonating an officer of a rank that does not exist, i.e:
    “Supreme ultra super general”
    “Omega gigantic awesome commander”
    “Commander + infinity”
  • Impersonating an officer and convincing new recruits to fight to the death
  • Insisting that peeing on enemies is better than shooting them because it lowers their morale
  • Playing tag in the middle of combat with a metal pipe
  • And attempting to call a timeout in the war so he can grab lunch

His military record includes excerpts from other military personnel:

""Complete disregard for the medical bay"
“You’ve already been in here for a serious case of the munchies, party fever, and a leprechaun bite! How stupid do you think we are?!”

“Complete disregard for the trauma ward”
“Do you have nothing better to do then playing war sounds and running in here screaming “We’re under attack!” ?"

“Complete disregard for the bathroom”
“I’ve heard of crapping in the urinals, but did you have to piss on the ceiling too?”

“Complete and utter disregard for minimal hygiene”
“Is that the same dead raccoon from yesterday?”

“Complete disregard of the chain of command and common decency”
“I’m not doing rock papers scissors to see who’s in charge! I’m a trained general and you’re a psycho, that’s why! And for the love of God, put some pants on!"

“Complete disregard for rules of engagement”
“You can’t just switch sides whenever you feel like it! What do you mean why?! Because you just can’t! It’s called treason!”

“Complete disregard for planning ahead”
“Maybe you should wait until we leave before detonating the explosives this time…”

“Complete disregard for general tactics”

“Complete disregard for reality”
“I know you saw it in a holovid, but you can’t hit someone in the eyes with a banked shot off a passing by spaceship, so stop shooting at our air support!”

“Complete disregard for common sense”
“Putting the pin back in the grenade doesn’t work! NO! DON’T GIVE IT TO ME!”

“Complete disregard for the safety of himself or anyone around him”
“I know it looks cool, but throwing fellow soldiers at the enemy isn’t very practical”

“Complete disregard for proper usage of explosives”
“This is the 4th time you’ve tried to open your beer with c4, what do you think is going to happen?”

“Complete disregard for

After being kicked out of the military, and attempts to sneak back in under the aliases: Jose Rodriguez, Captain Crunch, Rock Bottom and Rip Ironpecks, Kage was banned from the entire planet. Eventually ending up in a bar, looking for work. There, he met Hannik, and was hired on as a body guard.

Kage Myoushu

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