Jayne Reegar

Level 4 Madalorian Male Bounty Hunter


Name: Jayne Reegar
Class: Bounty Hunter
Level: 4
Played by: Chris
Race: Mandalorian
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

STR: 19 +4
CON: 14 +2
DEX: 10 +0
INT: 13 +1
WIS: 10 +0
CHA: 14 +2
Hit Points 75
AC 21
Fortitude 16
Reflex 14
Will 14
Speed 5 squares

Armor Proficiencies: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor
Weapon Proficiencies: Pistols, Rifles, Simple Weapons
Feats: Chainblade Expertise, Improved Initiative, Heavy Blaster Pistol Expertise
Class Features:
Quick Swap: You can switch between weapons once per round as a free action. In addition, your melee weapons are integrated into your armor, and thus can only be taken away if your armor is removed.
Combat Challenge: It’s dangerous to ignore you. Every time you attack an enemy, whether you hit or miss, you can choose to mark the target. The mark lasts until the end of your next turn. While the target is marked, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls on attacks that don’t include you as a target. In addition, when an enemy violates your mark, you can make a melee basic attack or ranged basic attack against them as an immediate interrupt.
Mandalorian Tempest Technique: When you wield two weapons, you gain a 1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls with weapons you are proficient in. You gain Two Weapon Defense as a bonus feat, even if you don’t meet the prerequisites.
Combat Superiority: You gain a bonus to opportunity attacks equal to your Charisma modifier (
2). An enemy struck by your opportunity attack stops moving. If the enemy still has additional actions, they can use them to start moving again.
Muscle Control: Due to intensive training, you can use Strength in place of Dexterity on ranged basic attacks.


Theme song for Jayne Reegar

Dossier on subject: JAYNE REEGAR

FLASH 91762p-06

Encryption Code: Nominal

Name: Jayne Reegar

Physical Info: Mandalorian Male, 6’2" Black Hair, Blue Eyes.

Cost for hire: tbd

Classification: Restricted (XXX-XD Directive)


Jayne Reegar is known well around the backwater planets around the outer rim. Mostly Tatooine where he thought it would be a “funny idea at the time” to skin all of the banthas who belonged to a local Sand People tribe. He left them alive, and rode one into the closest city, tracing his target, causing a major uproar. He then proceed to yodel at the top of his lungs, while he used a large crude weapon to decapitate the dumbfounded target. He is known to be mentally unstable, and at times uses all the things he can to use psychological warfare with his targets. He has no problem with entirely desecrating a corpse just to throw a random body part at his enemies. He is near suicidal, but has his moments where he will be tactful, and silent. at least until he gets bored, which happens about 2 minutes afterwards. He relishes in battle, and always looks for the tactical advantage, even if it means sacrificing people in his own squad, which is why it is preferred that he work alone.

Contracts completed:
Owen Reyalmid – strangled with his entrails
Anolo Ka`Taramas – Face punched in by a modified (on the fly) construction droid
Zack Varhoot – face burned by lava
Zack Varhoot – Buried by bantha dung
Xel Pieweto – shot up by everyone in a bar fight that Jayne started
Tavion Everbright – burned up by the thrusters of a star ship. (admits the rope was too short.)
Xylas volDergar – (2nd attempt) toe cable wrapped around foot, and towed through space.
Dorian Eriston – concussion grenade in mouth
Lorah Jaxx – fed to a feral rancor
Palaras Rabor – body heavally mutilated, and left in a town square of some small town
Kato Dolros – starved to death in his own house
Travecao Zarmer – Blasted out the airlock
Simone Ekwash – Blasted out the airlock
Eirta Beto – another blasted out the airlock
Bane Nedjam – proximity mine strapped to his jaw
Tanomas Starlight – unknown, all that is known is that Jayne said; “He had it coming.”
Paydon Arcturus – dropped from orbit
Lannik Daws – dragged through the deserts by a land speeder
Shaden Thrall – unknown
Morathi Noza – Drowned in the ocean, by a anchor
Dorniekke Hunt – Shot
Beiwi Dulius – Shot
Vega Binette – Decapitated by some crude makeshift weapon
Eoura Spince – mutilated beyond recognition
Malius Cunha – left in a room with starving whomp rats

FINAL NOTE he is worth the money, and is very thorough, If you can get past his insanity.>>


Jayne Reegar

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