The Siths of Our Lives

In Which They Get Ready To Rumble

Kage and Hannik woke up in holding cells, their gear having been stripped from them. About a minute later, a man clad in a wide brimmed hat and brown leather duster entered. He introduced himself as Vance, the ruler of this planet (which he’d also named Vance). Vance ran a salvage operation, luring ships to the supposedly uninhabited planet where they would crash. He then had the ships stripped for parts and sold any surviving crew as slaves. The planet was also unique in that it strongly suppressed the use of Force powers, leaving all but the most powerful Sith and Jedi helpless.

Vance explained that due to their murder of the Twi’lek family, the pair were now considered criminals on the planet. Vance explained that while he didn’t personally care much about them killing the family, the laborers were in an uproar and he needed to appease them so they’d get back to work.

The punishment for their crime was that they would be entered in a local competition, where they would face off against various beasts and other prisoners. If they survived all four rounds, they would be released and allowed to leave the planet. Their gear would be returned to them before the fighting began. In addition, Vance would grant them each one boon to help them.

Hannik, concerned regarding his ability to aim with his injured eye, requested it be healed. Kage shrewdly requested several of the darts that had been used to incapacitate him and Hannik.

The first round began. Kage and Hannik were released into the arena, along with two frightened looking peasants and a flock of shyracks. Hannik decided to go kill the peasants, while Kage easily took down the shyracks. The next round, a female peasant was released, as well as two men that Hannik recognized as dressed in Imperial uniform. As the round began, the female peasant slipped out of sight before Kage or Hannik could try to kill them. Hannik spoke with the Imperials and discovered they were survivors from the missing Imperial vessels, a trooper and a Sith warrior named Darth Malictus. Malictus and Hannik made a deal to work together in the arena. However, after the third round Kage began insulting Malictus. The arrogant Sith, infuriated at being insulted by someone he viewed as his lesser, attacked Kage and knocked him unconscious. Hannik stood by, not wanting to get involved. Malictus sliced off Kage’s right hand with his lightsaber and left Kage to be revived by Hannik.

In the next round, Kage had a plan. While Hannik and Malictus enganged the rancor, Kage carefully lined up a shot. He hit the unsuspecting Malictus cleanly, nearly taking him down. Malictus’s trooper cohort quickly applied a medkit to the warrior, who disengaged from the rancor and came after Kage. Hannik was unable to deal with the gigantic beast on his own and was quickly knocked unconscious. The rancor came after Malictus, forcing the warrior to deal with the rancor while Kage continued to shoot at him.

As Hannik lay on the verge of death, the peasant who had been hiding approached him. She seemed conflicted, but eventually made up her mind and used the Force to heal his wounds. The Jedi quickly slipped away again before anyone could see her.

Darth Malictus finished off the rancor and closed to melee with Kage. Although the Mandalorian fought fiercely and nearly killed the Sith, he was unable to defeat Malictus and was knocked unconscious. Hannik got up and ran over to where they were fighting just as the warrior raised his saber to strike the killing blow.

Hannik saw the opening in Malictus’s defenses and struck, knocking the warrior unconscious with a perfect hit. With his boss unconscious, the trooper surrendered, stammering apologies and pleading for his life. Hannik revived Kage, who shot off both of the Sith warrior’s hands and claimed his lightsaber for himself.

Vance came down into the arena to congratulate Kage and Hannik. Although Hannik’s ship had already been stripped for parts, Vance agreed to provide another ship for them to leave on. He also told them that Nyx was with him and agreed to let her leave with them.

The three took off for Korriban, to receive their rewards and get Kage fitted for a replacement hand.



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