The Siths of Our Lives

In Which The Party Splits A Bit

Back on Korriban, Hannik reported what he’d learned to Darth Dremenis and had the young Twi’lek taken into custody. Since Nyx was still missing, Dremenis asked Hannik and Kage to return to the planet and try to find her. However, Hannik ditched Kage and flew off by himself, on account of the fact that “he is just…so…STUPID.”

Kage started on his typical hooker killing spree, which didn’t sit to well with the local authorities. Sixteen soldiers cornered Kage in an alleyway, and although he managed to take down several he was eventually captured.

Kage woke up in a holding cell, where he was confronted by the furious Darth Dremenis. The Sith Lord explained that the only reason Kage wasn’t executed was because Nyx had taken him as her bodyguard. He then sent Kage off in a one way shuttle to the desert planet to meet up with Hannik.

Hannik had some trouble landing, but eventually landed in a canyon, where he could see a small village in the distance. He also noticed Kage’s shuttle crash land nearby. As the two met up and made plans, a swoop bike started approaching from the direction of the village. Looking through the scope of his sniper rifle, Kage saw that a male Twi’lek and his wife and son were riding on the swoop bike, with no obvious weapons.

When the family got close enough, Hannik unleashed a barrage of Force Lightning, causing the Twi’lek to lose control of his swoop and crash into the wreckage of Kage’s shuttle. Hannik dragged the father to his feet, intending to talk to him. However, the terrified Twi’lek pulled out a hidden knife and slashed at Hannik.

Enraged, Hannik slammed the father into the side of the shuttle. The injured Twi’lek could only watch as Hannik ignited his lightsaber and sliced apart the wife and son. With the last of his strength, the father pulled out a concealed grenade and detonated it right on top of all of them.

The explosion killed the father instantly, and severely injured Kage and Hannik. Kage tried to treat Hannik’s injuries, but managed to jab him in the eye with a needle, partially blinding him.

The two retreated to the ship, planning to use its weapons to bomb the nearby village. But before Hannik could start up the ship, a dart came seemingly out of nowhere and lodged itself in his neck. Hannik didn’t even have time to draw a weapon before the powerful toxin knocked him unconscious. A second one hit Kage, but the hardy Mandalorian managed to remain standing. He made his best guess as to where the cloaked attackers where and let loose with a barrage of blaster fire, but didn’t manage to hit any of them. A second dart hit him and he went down.



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