The Siths of Our Lives

In Which Shit Gets Blown Up

While pouring through Imperial intelligence reports to try to determine where Hannik had gone, Nyx came across an interesting bounty posting. The spirit of a Sith Lord was supposedly inhabiting a droid body, and had gained control of a ship with weapons powerful enough to destroy a planet. A large reward was offered for killing him and destroying his ship.

The ship was reported to be currently near Geonosis, so Kage and Nyx headed there. They investigated and learned how best to board the ship without being noticed, and gained command of a battalion of Sith troopers.

They managed to successfully board the ship, right as it used its weapons to destroy Geonosis. Nyx, Kage, and the troopers fought through an army of combat droids and eventually reached the former Sith Lord. After a fierce battle, Kage finished off the droid with grenade, destroying it. Nyx claimed the Sith Lord’s unique lightsaber for herself, while Kage acquired a powerful shotgun.

The troopers they’d left to guard the shuttle had been slaughtered by droids, but Nyx and Kage fought their way to the shuttle and escaped as the ship blew up.



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