The Siths of Our Lives

In Which Hannik Goes Off The Deep End

After collecting their bounty reward, Kage and Nyx returned to their stolen ship and discovered that Imperial intelligence had turned up information on where Hannik might have gone. They followed his trail to a small unknown planet that contained an ancient Sith temple. Here they found Hannik, who was apparently Force Sensitive and had been completely corrupted by the Dark Side energies in the temple. Suspecting this was why her master had ordered her to keep an eye on Hannik, Nyx offered to escort Hannik back to Korriban.

On Korriban, Hannik and Kage were provided with luxurious lodgings (well, Hannik’s were at least), while Nyx left them to meet with her master.

A few days later, Hannik and Kage received requests to meet with Nyx’s master, Darth Dremenis. He explained that Nyx had been sent to investigate the disappearance of two Imperial vessels near an uninhabited planet. She had not reported back in twelve hours, and Dremenis suspected whatever had happened to the Imperial ships had happened to her as well. He requested Kage and Hannik go and learn what had happened to her.

They took Hannik’s ship to the supposedly lifeless desert planet. As soon as they entered the atmosphere, the ship began to malfunction and sink. Despite his best efforts, Hannik was unable to regain control of the ship, and they crash landed on the planet’s surface.

After assessing the damage to the ship, Hannik determined they would need several parts to repair it and get it flying again. Fortunately, in the distance, several other crashed ships could be seen. As they approached the ships to scavenge them for parts, a bullet whizzed past Kage’s head. Hannik and Kage ducked behind the wreckage and tried to determine where the sniper was.

As Kage was calculating the sniper’s position, Hannik noticed his ship starting up. He started dashing toward it, using the Force to propel himself forward faster. The sniper continued to shoot at him now that he had to cover, grazing him with several bullets. Kage continued to watch and eventually determined where the sniper was stationed. He got in range and took the sniper out, leaving Hannik free to bolt into his already departing ship.

Suspecting there might be more than one sniper, Kage ducked inside one of the wrecked ships, planting mines around the entrance.

Hannik leaped into his ship just as it was starting to take off. A young Twi’lek girl at the controls whirled around in surprise. Hannik threw her away from the controls and discovered that whatever had caused his ship to crash was no longer effecting it for some reason. He pinned the young girl against the wall and demanded she explain was going on. The terrified girl stammered that someone named Vance had sent her to sneak onto the ship, enter the codes that would prevent the ship from being effected by the planet’s gravitational device, and bring the ship to his palace.

Meanwhile, Kage’s patience paid off as he heard his mines go off and a scream of pain. Kage quickly finished the sniper off, and claimed the man’s sniper rifle for himself. He returned to Hannik at the ship. Hannik decided it was time to return to Korriban to report back, and decided to bring the dismayed young Twi’lek with them.



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